Citizens For Trump – Trump Supporters Arrested In Jan 6th Capitol Riot! – JMT #388

Citizens For Trump – Trump Supporters Arrested In Jan 6th Capitol Riot! – JMT #388

I see myself are we back live. All I see is myself on the screen, but If you can see us, we’re having a couple technical difficulties we will be rebroadcast here in just a moment. Are we when I get back home? Well, sorry about that ladies and gentlemen, we uh had a technical difficulty there. That was not our fault, but we’ll continue on you’re watching John Martin talks live right now so uh I was talking about who’s to blame for everything. I’m not gonna post a picture cuz that might have been what causes but let me just get here with something that uh Senator Bernard otherwise known as Bernie Sanders said, and uh, he said the Republican party has a fundamental decision to make will it be a conservative. Party function within a Democratic society or will it be an authoritarian party built upon the big lie conspiracy theories and violence. it cannot be both and I’m thinking to myself of all things to call the Republican Party of the of Authoritarian Party is like really, I mean, that’s what the Democrats are if I mean if you ever seen anything like what’s happened in the last couple of weeks under Joe Biden. We have a king that the Congress hasn’t done anything so far they haven’t all they can do is impeach Donald Trump right they haven’t done anything yet. Joe Biden has has done about thirty or more executive orders. He’s doing more today and gonna open up the border, Apparently so who is like the king we don’t have a democracy right now because only one vote matters. We have a one vote republic I got. Monarchy King Joe man So it’s for Bernie Sanders to accuse the Republicans of being like dictators is crazy, to Cnn’s talking about if you’re just tuning back to the show, we’re talking about the January 6th assault on the capital and how CN is actually found out that a number of people that were arrested were not didn’t even vote in twenty and I’m making a case well if they didn’t vote in twenty how could they even be consider? Trump supporters, according to Cnn’s. the data of over 180 of those arrested at least eight of the people who are now facing criminal charges for their involvement in the events at the Capitol did not vote in the November 20 President president election as I say it is hard if not impossible for me to believe unless of course they lost their voting rights and maybe still support Donald Trump and that is possible. but how could you? A Trump supporter a die-hard Trump enough to go to DC and not have even voted for the president. I have a hard time believing that very many people would fit that bill. In fact, I would say that if you’re a non voter and you’re dressed up in Trump gear either gear either your and confused or maybe and I’m not saying this fact. so don’t fact check me on this. I’m saying maybe you weren’t there to actually. Help President Trump I’m just saying the revelations coincide with the looming speculation of the fundamental nature of the protest. Democrats are reportedly building what has been described. This is what they’re impeaching Donald Trump for has been described as an emotionally charged case against the former president and the upcoming impeachment trial with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who has been a real hero lately has deemed dead on arrival so an emotionally charged case not a fact-based. But an emotionally a feelings based case because the Democrats are very good as one of my old friends and to used to say feelings nothing more than feelings so shout out to my buddy ward there but feelings over facts. That’s what the Democratic Party they talk about facts, but what they really are is all about the feelings cuz never doubt this ladies and gentlemen the whole up one of the motives of the Democratic. Is they take people that might not normally associate with each other and divide them up into very distinct groups get them pissed off and then unify behind the common Boogieman and Donald Trump was perfect for them in that sense. Now, they got another boogie man coming up or a boogie woman. I should say in our next story, but that’s what the Democrats do. That’s how they get votes across the spectrum. Get everybody pissed off and unify under a common boogieman. Alright, let’s move on to our. Story here and this is from Politico and it involves a new boogie man. I should say to be politically correct a boogie woman Democrats delivered go ultimatum over Marjorie Taylor If you don’t know who miss Green is check her out right there, She is a freshman congresswoman from the Great State of Georgia. I love that mask and I don’t know how clear it is to you. but it says Trump one she’s wearing that on the house floor on the House floor. She’s. Some kind of finger I don’t know, which one, but it says Trump one I’m gonna be a more fan. I didn’t know anything about her before she ran, but I’m becoming a fan on a daily basis. Top House Democrats are moving to force Representative Margie Taylor green off multiple committees this week with the without Kevin McCarthy, who is the minority leader in the house help now I guess uh the Democrats are becoming. I talked about King job, but I got to thinking about it. basically they’re becoming. Comic book version of Like Skeletor man, I mean read what that means says, but remember I am the power and what I what I’ve been reading lately about the Democrats, I start thinking about the their belief in God cuz now they’re all spiritual and there was even an article that Joe Biden is gonna be the savior of Christianity and all that I gotta tell you that their version of God and I don’t normally question people’s beliefs, but basically. About his Old Testament as you can be and some people may not like this, but basically the Democratic Party is saying like in Moses, I am that I am in other words, they are the power period just get over it move along nothing to see here don’t matter what you believe it’s irrelevant what you you think might have It’s irrelevant whether there was voter Mod or not. It’s irrelevant that the Supreme Court wouldn’t even do their constitutional duty and take up. Texas case that many other states joined all of that doesn’t matter cuz I am that I am and and I am omnipotent King Biden, who is you know? he’s got he. He’s taken what Obama said. I got a pen and a phone to a new extreme, but we’re living I guess the Democratic Party is the God Almighty Party because they are literally saying they have the power and they’re gonna do whatever they want and if you get in the way you must be crushed. It’s just. Man House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer delivered an automated to McCarthy on Monday either Republicans move on their own to strip green this freshman lady from the Great State of Georgia of her committee assignments within 72 hours Our Democrats will bring the issue to the House floor in other words you get rid of her uh we’re gonna do it for you. now. they only have what about a four five like lead in the house and there’s uh still a house race That’s up for grabs in New York and it looks like the Republican lady is gonna win that but they want to. Expel miss Green from the House floor. Offer committee Well, let’s look into that just a minute cuz you know you talk about a double standard and if there is such a thing as I say there’s only one standard miss Green is held to a standard. but where are the Democrats have to hail to us? I wanna give you a couple of quick examples. Do you know the name al like a CEA stinks. Have you heard of him? He’s from Florida. I’m shamed to admit, but he’s from Florida and he used to be a judge down here and I’ll get into that in just a moment, but he thinks served as a. United States District judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida until he was beaten in election. No decided not to run No until he was impeached and removed from office. I mean this guy is now a big in the Democratic Party. He’s a leader there. He is meeting with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. I’ll see Hastings who was impeached for fraud money laundering and robbery. I believe one of the things he was impeached and removed. Office has been in the US Congress now for a number of years. Let me just give you a little snippet of what he’s involved in. Congressman Hasting is the vice chairman of the House Committee on Rules and Chairman of the Subcommittee on legislative and budget process. so he knows all about rules how to break him and he knows all about budgeting stealing money and money laundering and everything else. I mean he’s convicted of that. So I guess maybe that qualifies him to be on these committees but congressman Hasting also serves as dean and co-chairman of the Florida delegation God help. And senior Democratic will this guy who as who as I was convicted in peace and removed from office is now one of the leading Democrats in Congress yet and on some of the most important committees out there, he’s the a senior Democratic Whip for God’s sakes yet miss Green is supposed to be removed because she questioned she called Nancy Pelosi, a trader in a videos before she was ever even running for Congress and she had the. To question that fella that uh from the Parkland shootings about uh his uh trying to take away our second amendment rights, I guess all secrets. The main thing is she wore a mask on the house floor that said, Uh you know Trump won and let me give you a couple of other quick examples. How about Hank Johnson while we’re talking about somebody from Georgia and miss Green, let’s talk about her esteemed colleague on the Democratic side, Hank Johnson. Now I talked about Elsie Hastings, who was actually impeached and I don’t know which is worth being totally corrupt, which Al Hastings is are being a total idiot. I don’t know which is worse, but here is Hank Johnson in a talking to uh in a comedian a couple years ago and he’s talking to to he’s this admiral because they’re talking about increasing base on Guam and he gives he shares his concerns for the people and the island of Guam. Check it out. Come on. My fear is that uh the whole island will uh become so overly populated that it will tip over and uh and capsize uh we don’t anticipate that the. I gotta give credit to that Admiral man you know he want to say what. So this guy Hank Johnson is worried about the island of Guam if they build too much. It’s a small island and that they put too much concrete on one side of it that the island might flip over. I guess like his rubber duckies do when he puts too much weight on him in the bathtub. This guy is still in Congress. I mean it’s like a from that movie mediocrity have you ever seen that movie Had you gotta see it Man mediocracy where the idiots are running the show now and good. Almighty, which in our that question John in on my YouTube channel John Martin talks and let me know we just worked corruption. I’ll see Hasting style or mediocracy like Hank Johnson, but these people still not only are members of the house got reelected and hold high positions are leaders within the Democratic Party and they’re stealing money and worried about Guam flipping over and I felt sorry for. Ad But every time I see that I think about him, he’s got. he’s pretty good cuz I would have been like what the are you talking about but last week talking about Congresswoman Green last week was officially awarded seats on the House Education Committee and the House Budget Committee. Well, I don’t know how qualified she is to do, but I can tell you this listen to these committees The House Education Labor Committee and the House Budget Committee. She can’t do any worse than the other Yahoo’s up there man. I can tell you that I mean. Let’s just take a one by one real quick. How great is our education system right now pretty poor right and the labor committee man. I mean here you are a union labor person. Maybe you individually didn’t, but your labor union supported mister Biden and now he’s just killing your jobs. Sorry about you look, let me sign off on it. man you’re worried about paying your bills and he signed your death warrant so to speak and then the budget committee Why does the house of? Under the Democrats, really Republicans, why do they even have a budget committee cuz they don’t have a dad gum thinkers who about the budget committee that when the last time Congress passed a balanced budget. When is the last time they went through a budgeting process. I’m waiting it’s been like 50 years. It’s crazy man. They just don’t do it. That’s the only real complaint by the way that I have about President Trump is I don’t think he did enough to reign that in I was thinking about this on the way and I hadn’t said this, but I might as well, say it the only real negative thing I have about President Trump and it’s a pretty broad deal is that uh I wish that he would have just kind of assumed that he might be a one-term president Now he did everything he could to be a two-term president and in spite. What they say about voter, he probably should have been a two-term president but I wish he would have just put the foot down once once he that the Democrats weren’t gonna work with him and some of the Republicans are gonna be snakes in the grass as well and just went for 100% full and Francis never signed the nominee budget bill just put his feet in the ground and say no moss. That’s the only thing I worry about that. but miss Green. I’m becoming a bigger fan of her all the time and my wife. Loves this because she always said one thing she loves so much about Donald Trump is he don’t apologize. He’s tired of hearing people say what you mean and mean what you say and stand by I’m with her on that, but green has shown zero contrition for her past actions tweeting over the weekend that she will never apologize. Well. Amen. I’m becoming a big fan of her. That’s good. Let me tell you when it comes to these progressives. You can’t apologize even if you’re in the wrong because they’ll just use it against you. They won’t accept your apology. They’ll beat you over the head with one of my axios. At John Martin talks about progresses is you can’t reason with them You can’t deal with them. You can’t negotiate with them. You can only defeat them at the ballot box. That’s it they can only be defeated cuz you give them an inch and and they take the proverbial mile on leadership call on Sunday. lawyers talking about Steny Hoyer, Pelosi and other top Democrats. I think God I hate to say that they’re top right just uh leadership call what leadership several options. Taking action against Miss Miss Green, including expulsion and the resolution offered by Debbie Wasserman Shields another great Meridian. I say that ingest that the rules panel is considering on Wednesday, washer Schultz told reporters on Monday just before introducing her measure. This is what she said we are focused on making sure that we can render powerless the poisonous nature of this member talking about miss Green. so a guy who thinks. Mom’s gonna flip over not a big deal, a guy who is charged, convicted and impeach for corruption, including money laundering money and be and bribery is like one is the men is the House whip Democratic Whip for God’s sakes and Hastings. None of that matters. But this lady who just giving opinion hadn’t actually done anything yet hadn’t had a chance to is a problem, she says the house has to listen. This is Wasserman Shield, she said the house has to be able to take actions to police its own members. Why. When’s the last time they did that one of their members of Democratic Party. How about this lady right here, none other than Elon Omar, who actually got reelected after saying this care was founded after 911 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties now growing backlash. that’s good. so she’s talking. About 911 in there now she’s talking about care the council for what American Muslims, whatever she is supported by Hamas, a Mos raise money for her she in turn raise money for them now if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it might be a duck so if it talks like a terrorist acts like a terrorist. Works with terrorist terrorist support her and she supports them. Maybe she’s a duck. I’m just saying you know, but she not only got applause for that she’s allowed to wear a hijab on the house floor and that signifies every oppressive thing you could probably say about women wearing a Jeep. It represents total oppression of women and she got reelected not only elected but reelected after she said somebody. Something talking about the planes crashing on the the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 911, somebody did something and she’s exalted for this. She’s even got a name where they call the squad. I call him the twas a a Twitter charts. I think it’s more descriptive. man they will cave in a a moment’s notice. don’t know what McCarthy’s gonna do, but listen to what Mitch McConnell said about Representative Green. It just should make you sick. Senate Minority Leader Mitch. O’Connell suggested that she is not living in reality talking about miss Green and warn that the type of conspiracy theory she has paddled are a cancer to the party so he’s throwing gas on the fire to get rid of this is old turtle head Man Turtle Head Mitch McConnell. Let me tell you turtle head you sir are the problem not miss. Green. Miss Green is not the issue now. I’m not necessarily con out there since you were since you were like first made on the ark and what. You’ve done, I mean Miss McConnell is settling into his turtle head. You know roll conspiring with the Democrats All Mitch McConnell cares about his position man He don’t give a hoot about America first, he didn’t care about that and he’s in bed with China literally his wife right this is and and speaking of China they talk about getting rid of green who has a say hadn’t even had a chance to do anything other than where that great mask that Trump won. But what about. Well, who is like one of the leads on the impeachment of Donald Trump, who’s literally in bed with the enemy he’s sleeping with a Chinese spot as they censored him as they investigated him have they taken him off the intelligence committee the guys on the intelligence Committee for God’s sakes and he’s in literally and figuratively in bed with China. I just don’t wanna hear all this crap, but this is what miss, McConnell added. This has nothing. Do with the challenges facing miss Green American families are the robust debates on substance that can strengthen our party The base like I said he is he is the problem if We need to get rid of all of them if I could if I could cast one vote and it would be just a flush and flush them all out even some of my friends cuz I know they’d be involved in that I would because we need to start over but free speech ladies and gentlemen is under attack. I say let the voters. They decided on miss Green and guess who else they decided on in Georgia, they decided on Senator war now and they gave the majority up there in Georgia to the Democrats. God help us. let me play this and we’ll close with this. I wanna play this video. I gotta give Tucker crossing credit for exposing this was he played this about 2 weeks before the Georgia election. This is the Senator Reverend War’s wife, telling us who. He truly is after she accused him of running over her foot and this is actual police video The police body cam video of war and his wife, check it out. This man’s running for the United States, Senate, and all he cares about right now is his reputation I work at the mayor’s office and this is a big problem. I’ve been trying to be very quiet about the way that he is for the sake of my kids and his reputation. I’ve tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time and today he crossed the line so that is what is going on here and he’s a great actor. He is phenomenal at putting on a really good show. How’s your mom think about that this the man’s wife telling the police that he just ran over my foot and it took. He was taking the kids with him and she didn’t want him to and he’s saying that this guy is a great actor. Now this dude is in the US Senate. I thought that you know women are to be believed shouldn’t he be immediately censored and potentially impeach for spousal abuse. The only women that are being a believers, the ones that tow the line if you actually speak about a Democrat, whether it’s President Joe Biden, a war here you’re a hero, you’re still in there, but everybody else needs to. What miss everybody else needs to sit down and shut up So Mitch McConnell the Republicans out there. let me just tell you the voters decided on war he’s in there, but the voters also decided on miss Green give her a chance at least she has the to speak up when was the last time Mitch McConnell had anything worth speaking up for. I mean it just is old Turtle head needs to go well. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as. I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you, please go directly to our YouTube channel. Check it out. John Martin talks remember the apps on uh on uh recoil TV download that app so you can watch our show Www.john You can always see our show there spread it far and wide support our sponsors. Big Daddy Unlimited and others. I really appreciate it as I say not all of us can be fighters, but all of us can support those in the fight and that’s you I need your help. I’ll pray for your. You pray for mine, let’s all pray for this great nation cuz she needs it and deserves it more than ever. But like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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