Childhood Pets – IOTW Report

Childhood Pets – IOTW Report

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We have a first for Sunday Critters! All submissions are from Douglas Wakeman. Congratulations! You win 7,000,000 iOTWr bucks!

1 (Taffy) First day
2 (Baravelli) grown
3 (Baravelli) puppy
4 (Guinevere) Sweet cat we had from when I was born to when I was 18
5 (Bingo)

To submit your critter pictures for a future Sunday Critters, please email them to:


  1. A picture you (or family/friend) took and agree to publish here. NO images found on the internet.
  2. ‘Critters’ in the subject line.
  3. Your screen name.
  4. Your critter’s name (or species, if not your pet).
  5. Comments about the critter you want to share.

NEEDED: If your picture is for any of the following themes, please name the theme.

  • Critters in Close-up – Please have your pictures in to me by Friday Noon. – Your critters photos in very close-up range.
  • Critters waiting for their human to come home


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