Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood has filed an emergency petition to the Supreme Court arguing Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffenperger “usurped” the state legislature’s authority on verifying the identity of in-person and mail-in absentee ballot voters in the November elections. 

Wood argues in the 35-page filing that Raffenperger usurped the legislature’s power by entering into a settlement agreement with the Democratic Party earlier this year and issuing an “Official Election Bulletin” that modified the legislature’s “clear procedures for verifying the identity of mail-in voters.”

“The effect of the secretary of state’s unauthorized procedure is to treat the class of voters who vote by mail different from the class of voters who vote in-person,” Lin argues. “That procedure dilutes the votes of in-person voters by votes from persons whose identities are less likely to be verified as required by the legislative scheme.”  read more

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